SOLAR POWERED BEACH UMBRELLA and other original products with solar panels

Our company specializes in production of autonomous sources of light and electricity that use solar energy and solar batteries. We also produce autonomous thermoelectric coolers powered by solar energy. Our solar panel facade tiles can be used to build houses with autonomous power supply. Solar powerd beach umbrella is great for ensuring a comfortable beach rest. There is a cooler for  drinks, a Wi-Fi amplifier, a safe, night lighting – all fully autonomous. Also, this umbrella can be used in order to supply power to our mobile cooler for street trading. With the help of our solar paver lights it is possible to create glowing in the dark paths out of the reach of power grids.

Our new project Gold Solar Flower.

We can develop unique product to suit your requirements, please contact us.


Contacts e-mail:  tel. +7 (925) 539 1217 RUSSIA, MOSCOW REGION